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salt for water softener
Salt for Water Softener: What type of salt should I use with my water softener


If you want to use soft water, you have to know some information about salt for water softener first. By knowing which salt that you have to use for water softener, you will be able to use the water softener without any problems. In fact, there are three types of water softeners that you can use. The first one is rock salt. The rock salt usually can be found in the ground and it contains 98 or 99 percent of sodium chloride. Second is solar salt. This salt can be obtained from sea water. You may know that sea water can be evaporated and then this evaporation will change the sea water into salt. This kind of salt water consists of 85 % of sodium chloride. The last one is evaporated salt. This evaporated salt can be obtained through the mining underground and it contains of 99.6 or 99.99 percent of sodium chloride.

Using salt for water softener will not give specific harmful, yet you have to be really careful because some water softener may not be recommended to be mixed with salt. If you know that the water softener that you buy do not allow you to mix it with salt, do not dare to do that because you will see a problem after that.

You may have a question about salt for water softeners in your mind; how much the amount of salt that we have to add to the water softener and how often we have to do that? As we know that water softener can regenerate easily so that if you encounter that the water softener that you use is often regenerating, you have to add more salt in there. However, make sure you add the amount of salt for water softener in a certain number so that you will not see malfunction in your water softener.


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